Authors Name: 
Kieran Lambe
Queen's University Belfast
Languages & Linguistics
Highly commended

Rewriting Quevedo: From poetry to prose

With this work I have examined my own process of adapting several poems by the Spanish Baroque poet Francisco de Quevedo to the short story form, discussing the challenges posed by this exercise. The first section of this paper contains a short story of my own composition, entitled “The Onset”, which represents a refashioning of Quevedo’s work. The second section – on which I was assessed – offers a self-reflexive commentary on the process of adapting Quevedo’s poetry to the short story form. This latter commentary examines the challenges of adaptation and explores my experience of reconfiguring Baroque themes, forms and models. With this commentary my intent has been to reflect upon the contrasts between both Quevedo’s original work and my refashioned version of his poems, and the two relevant contexts: the Baroque period and the 21st Century.