Authors Name: 
Christophe Neill
Durham University
Languages & Linguistics
Highly commended

Assess the applicability and usefulness of postcolonial theory to any two or more of the texts that you have studied.

Whilst postcolonial theory may be applied to Medieval Spanish ballads - particularly those which represent a Moorish viewpoint - the historical context of such ballads is not necessarily a 'true' colonial situation. This discrepancy is what allows us to test the limits of postcolonial theory, as by de-constructing common readings of two familiar fronterizo ballads, Mora Moraima and La pérdida de Antequera, one can subsequently apply a more historically "correct" postcolonial reading to them, proposing their Moorish narrators as hypothetically correct by observing the focalisation of the texts. This theoretical exercise thus forces us to re-consider the polemic and somewhat contradictory nature of postcolonial theory and its role within this corpus of Medieval Spanish texts.