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Rory Grugan
Queen's University Belfast
Languages & Linguistics
Highly commended

According to Raylene Ramsay, Maryse Condé presents the reader with ‘an incomplete patchwork of individual representations, with little “islands of consciousness” connected only by blank spaces and missing information’. Why does Condé structure her novel i

The problematic was to analyse to what extent Maryse Conde's Traversee de la Mangrove was a proliferation of accounts about a Caribbean community in Guadeloupe. On the surface it seems like these accounts are separate 'islands of consciousness', but my aim was to show the links between them and how the community is inadvertently linked through their encounters with the main character, Francis Sancher. The author used the format of a detective novel to add to the suspicion of who killed the central character, and she chose to leave a lot of the mystery unsolved. This added to the ambiguity of the text, which coupled with the proliferation of narratives, adds to the sense that the text is an 'incomplete patchwork of individual representations'.