Authors Name: 
Joshua Muggleton
University of St. Andrews
Highly commended

Classifying the Autistic Spectrum, can it be done? Effectiveness of Current, future, and alternative methods of classifying the Autistic Spectrum.

Given the rise of diagnoses of Autistic Spectrum Disorders, accurate classification is imperative. An analytical look is taken at the current and future classification of Autistic Spectrum Disorders in the DSM-IV (APA, 1994) and DSM-V (APA, n.d) respectively, assessed against the original observations of Asperger (1944) and Kanner (1943). Clear problems with validity were found in the DSM-IV, that are resolved in the DSM-V. Despite the loss of the term Asperger syndrome, an identity for some, the DSM-V is seen as a positive move, and a more accurate description of the autistic spectrum