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The Undergraduate Awards

About Us

The Undergraduate Awards is the world’s leading pan-discipline academic awards programme, identifying and connecting the most impressive undergraduates across the sciences, humanities, business and creative arts. Students in their final or penultimate year of an undergraduate degree in any 3rd-level institution in the world whose assignments received a top grade from their institution are eligible to submit to The Undergraduate Awards. The Undergraduate Library is a collection of the top papers recognised in The Undergraduate Awards every year. For more information, click on the tab above.

The Judging Process

Leading academics from around the world are invited each year to assess the entries to The Undergraduate Awards. Tasked with selecting Highly Commended (Top 10%) and Winning papers, an expert panel is assigned to each of the 25 categories.  More than 340 academics, representing an array of universities around the world, take part in the UA Judging Process each year.  The Winning and Highly commended Entrants are invited to gather at the annual UA Global Summit.  For more information, click on the tab above.